When I Come…Part 1

WHEN I COME – Will I find faith?

A Series on Learning Perfect Trust Which Casts Out All Fear

Part 1

When I come, will I find Faith?  This is a question Jesus is asking.  Many of us believe we have faith.  We believe in God, the father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Most of us believe they are three in one.  We believe the bible to be the written word of God and we read it regularly.

What Jesus is saying here, and what He is asking of us is quite different than what we may think.  Let me explain by using my life’s experiences as an example.

I grew up in the Catholic Church, went to Catholic school during my formative years, and then transferred to a public school during my Junior and Senior years.  At a very young age I began to question my relationship with God, with Jesus and with the Holy Spirit.  I wanted to understand the truth. When I was in the fourth grade at a Catholic school, the Nun (my teacher) stated that it is okay for a person to live his or her life how they choose as long as they accept Jesus as their Savior before they die.  She stated you could live a life of complete and utter sin, but if you were in a car accident and about to die, as long as you accepted Jesus as your Savior, that would get you into heaven.  This did not set right with me.  It was as if she were condoning sin up until the end of your life and giving you a free pass to get into heaven.  I stood up in class and challenged the Nun, who immediately threw me out of class and insisted I could not return until I spoke with a Priest.  My mother made an appointment with the Priest and took me to the Rectory the next day.  While she waited outside the door, the Priest tried to convince me that what I heard was not what was meant.  I insisted that what I heard was not true and whether or not it was meant that way, if I took it that way, so did others.  We agreed to disagree and he allowed me to go back to class.  From that experience, I committed to learning the truth!

Please do not take this as an attack on the Catholic faith.  It is not.  It is merely a part of my testimony of how I started on my journey to Perfect Trust.

Throughout my life there were many instances where I was compelled to challenge what was being said as to whether or not it was the truth according to what was in my heart.  I finally realized that man is flawed.  Only God is truth!

Later in life, I was called to speak to a Women’s Group.  I was praying, asking God what He wanted me to say.  What was on my heart was this:

Show them how important it is for them to following these three principles:

  1. Listen to what is being said
  2. Check it out (through the Word of God and by the Holy Spirit) as to whether or not it is true.
  3. Believe it (if it is true) or discard it (if it is not true).

I learned to live by this principle and it has changed my life.

To Be Continued……

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