When I Come, Will I Find Faith? Part 8

A Journey Toward Perfect Trust

Part 8

Continuation of our Study of Hebrews Chapter 12 and its application to “Perfect Trust.”  All scripture taken from the Complete Jewish Bible.

Heb.12:12-13 “So, strengthen your drooping arms, and steady your tottering knees; and make a level path for your feet; so that what has been injured will not get wrenched out of joint but rather will be healed.”

Heb.12:14-17 “Keep pursuing shalom with everyone and the holiness without which no one will see the Lord. See to it that no one misses out on God’s grace, that no root of bitterness springing up causes trouble and thus contaminates many, and that no one is sexually immoral, or godless like Esav, who in exchange for a single meal gave up his rights as the firstborn. For you know that afterwards, when he wanted to obtain his father’s blessing, he was rejected; indeed, even though he sought it with tears, his change of heart was to no avail.”

Yesterday my husband and I were discussing how Satan buffets the saints trying to get them to engage in unrighteous behavior.  We talked about how spiritually, emotionally and physically draining it can be to have to deal with someone or something trying to steal our attention away from God and His righteousness.  Following our conversation, my husband went to his office and wrote the following message:

“From the beginning, God knew the tendencies that would develop from giving the gift of His free will to His creation. He also knew the evil intent residing in Lucifer who chose to extend that free will in his desire to be God.  God allowed Lucifer’s evil intent and instead of destroying him, He determined to use him for the perfecting of His saints.  Thus, Satan stands at your threshold desiring to overcome you.  You, however, must overcome him.  How? By how you react to the situations presented before you–by choosing to act righteously.  Satan has already chosen.  You can choose selfishness–reacting to the situation by defending yourself, or selflessness–by choosing to overcome the evil being done to you with good.  By choosing the righteous path, you are choosing nobility over pettiness, which is difficult for our humanness to understand and accept.  By not defending your position, disciplining the perpetrator, being moved to care for yourself or justifying God’s will for the situation, you learn to reside in knowing God is fully aware of what is necessary to effect His perfect will in the circumstance in order to work all things for the good of all involved.  Give the situation over to God and don’t react in a negative fashion so that all He possesses will be awarded to you and your testimony will be of Heaven’s grace—“Let the light of my life so shine in you as a testimony of My love to all mankind.”  This is what prevails over Hell’s embrace—the Abomination of Desolation.  In other words, dwell on and in Him so that others will see Him through you.  Each man/woman will answer for their own sins—against you, and therefore, against God Himself.  Don’t play into Satan’s trap.  Just rest in God through trust grounded obedience as He works His perfect work through His Divinity Dynamics in the affairs of mankind.  This brings monumental benefit for the ultimate well-being of all involved.  If the person initiating the wrong receives God’s grace through you, they will be all the better for it.  If they don’t receive it, they will answer directly to God and they will become as they think and do—“as a man thinketh, so he is.”

God is God and there is no other!  His work is always for the good of all, although all may not accept it as such.  Our tendency is to disbelieve who He is and what He does, which causes our ultimate downfall.  What do we mean by that?  When was I guilty of such thinking?  When you engaged with someone God was using in a certain situation, judging who they are and what they were doing.  We must stand as Jesus did before His accusers and “speak not a word.”  He was well aware of the work of Satan in His life. However, He chose to “forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  Those who try to engage you in unrighteous situations “know not what they do”.  They are led by their flesh, spurred by Satan and allowed by God for the perfecting of the saints.   You can’t change them or even influence them towards thoughts of God’s deeds of kindness for them in the situation.  No, God must do His perfect work in them, just as He is doing so in you.  Then, and only then will it take root in them and you will be blessed by the wonderful work God has done using you to perfect Himself in them and them to perfect Himself in you.

This is the true love of God for all.”

Our Father in Heaven has known us intimately since before we were even born.  He has had a plan for our life and He intends to see His plan through to the finish.  Our free will gift is both a blessing and a curse.  It allows us to choose to act either righteously or unrighteously in every situation presented before us.  Once you begin to realize that Satan’s work in this current dispensation is for the perfecting of the saints, your journey to Perfect Trust becomes much easier.  He does not have free reign over the saints and God will only allow him to work in our lives for our benefit.  “Furthermore,  we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called in accordance with His purpose.” Romans 8:28 CJB.  Since this is true, we need to change the way we think about being buffeted by Satan and open our understanding to the fact that God has allowed him to buffet us for a good reason — teaching us to always react righteously when faced with evil.  As we put our trust in the one who created us and knows us intimately and act righteously, we overcome the power of the enemy and move closer to our goal of Perfect Trust. Remember the Apostle Paul as he was being buffeted by the Enemy.  He asked that the “thorn in his side” be removed.  God answered him by saying “My grace is sufficient”.  God’s grace is sufficient in all circumstances.  We must come to the understanding that as we commit our life and our ways to Him, he will engineer all the circumstances of our life to bring us to Perfect Trust in His Will and His Plan for our life.  Hallelujah!

To be continued……