The Father’s Shalom

It’s all about experiencing the Lord God Almighty and His being and doing in and around us.  It’s pure enjoyment for Him and for us.  The benefits are outstanding and limitless.  All things are possible with Him—the dead are raised to life, the sick are healed, the poor in spirit inherit Heaven, those lacking understanding receive it, and love abounds in good deeds toward all!

The biggest enemy destroyed is “human performance”, which never really accomplishes anything of long-standing value anyway. However, this does not come without great cost.  It is impossible to achieve spiritual joy, which is the greatest of God’s gifts, where there is no opposition from the Adversary.  Why?  Because He is a great lover and there are NO LAWS to offend with God.  Everything is NATURALLY HIM!

The Sign of Adam

Adamah (the ah in Hebrew means “breath of God”).  Adam lived, and moved and had his full being in God as he walked with God in the Garden.  He enjoyed this intimacy with the Lord God Almighty until the law confronted him as bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh.  His name was then changed to Adam.  God removed himself from the midst of him because he took matters into his own hands instead of letting his Lord God Almighty handle the matter Himself!  Why did he do this?  Because the law of lawlessness entered in and Adamah did not know how to handle the situation having never experienced a moment outside of Absolute Infinite Perfection which was now transformed by the abomination of desolation into Imperfection.  How can this be dealt with?  Can it be?  What is this?

Adam had never known such and was now bound by it through his beloved, Havah (Eve in Hebrew, which means bearing life.). Why didn’t the Lord God Almighty show up at that moment to deal with this desperate situation?  How could this have ever happened?  It’s inconceivable.  But it did and it demands immediate attention.  Adamah searches for God.  God, where are you?  I know not what to do.  I can’t just stand here watching my wife die a spiritual death; the Shekinah radiance upon her face has already diminished.  She speaks to me in the language of death, things which I do not comprehend.  She has taken upon herself things that only God should deal with in mankind.  Being persuaded that she could become greater in authority in spiritual matters concerning God’s Will for each of us for the well-being of all.  But, by doing so, she has brought herself into a position that demands submission in order to gain this well-being.

As Adamah cries out to God we can imagine his anguish.  Oh God, she offers me the forbidden fruit that has intoxicated her mind, defiled her spirit, and dulled her bodily senses.  She’s acting out of control, staring wildly at me, pleading in the most awful cry of mercy for me to save her.  This would mean I have to disobey your command.  I cannot.  But I must!  Oh God, I can’t bear to see her this way.  How can I let her go?  I’m going to lay my life down for her—all is lost anyway.  What good could come of the command now?  She’s already broken it, and I stand as guilty as she.  It’s my responsibility to react to this in the only way left to me.  God, my Father, forgive me for what I am about to do.  I love her and cannot live without her, though I do not desire to offend you.  I know you’ll understand, please!  When you come, I beg your mercy for the both of us.  I decided we must share in this together.  Until death do we part, if that must be so.  I trust in your justice, Father.  You decide our fate.  Nothing else has the power to do that.  I await you in fear and trembling.  Oh Father!  What have I done?

The Sign of Elijah

Yisra’el (Israel) has gone mad with “other Gods”.  Eliyahu (Elijah), in the strength of God, brings himself to deal with her offense against the one true God.  All the prophets of Baal are taken down and Yisra’el repents in the dust. Years later, The tyrant Queen Jezebel is visited by the prophecy of Eliyahu (Elijah) and God strikes her dead by the hand of her own guards and the dogs lap her blood.

When all is done and Eliyahu’s time of teaching has ended, he places his mantle upon the shoulder of Elisha.  However, Elisha, upon receiving it, refuses to carry it without a double portion of the Spirit of Eliyahu.

Some years later the king of Aram (his name meaning the self-made great one) went to war against Yisra’el and continued to set up places to ambush the king of Yisra’el, but his efforts came to no avail. He called his servants and said to them, “tell me which of you is betraying us to the king of Yisra’el ?” One of his servants replied, “It’s Elisha, the prophet who is in Yisra’el, he tells the king of Yisra’el the words you speak privately in your own bedroom!”

So the king of Aram sent a large army to Dotan and surrounded the city of the prophet. The servant of Elisha ventured outside early in the morning only to see this great army all around. He returned unto his master and with great fear, telling him what he had seen. Elisha said to him – “those who are with us outnumber those that are with them!” Elisha prayed to God to open his servant’s eyes, so that he could see. This was done and his servant saw the overwhelming army of God. The army of Aram came down upon Elisha and Elisha prayed to have them all blinded, and so they were. He then, having made them believe they were in the wrong place, took them to Shomron where their eyes were then opened.

When the king of Yisra’el saw that Aram was now at his mercy he asked Elisha if he should slay them. No! He replied. “Would you do that to prisoners you captured by the sword? Give them food and water and let them return to their master. So the king released them and no more raiding parties entered the land of Yisra’el from Aram.

Sometime afterwards, Ben-Hadad [son of vehemence] the king of Aram gathered all his army, went up and laid siege to Shomron. At this time, there was a great famine in the land and still they maintained their siege until the people of Shomron began to eat their own children.

The king of Yisra’el, because of this horrific calamity, sought out the prophet Elisha to kill him. However, Elisha informed him of better days. Saying; “ tomorrow, by this time, six quarts of fine flour will sale for only a shekel, and half a bushel of barley for a shekel at the gate to Shomron.”

Four men with Tzara’at, in desperation, set out for the camp of Aram, but when they arrived they found no one! For Yahuah (God)  had caused the army of Aram to hear the sound of chariots and horses. It sounded like a huge army and they said to each other, “the king of Yisra’el must have hired other kings to help them, we must flee. So they jumped up and fled in the twilight, leaving their tents, horses, donkeys, and the whole camp just as it was, and then ran for their lives.

The king received word concerning the empty camp of Aram, but considered the fact that it might be an elaborate trick to draw them out of the walled city. What if they are hiding in the forest near the edge of the campsite? Even so, he consulted with his officials and decided to send scouts out to seek the whereabouts of the Aram army.

Some of his men took the five remaining horses that were left in the city and they went to see. They went after them all the way to the Yarden, and found the entire distance strewn with clothing and other articles Aram had thrown away in their haste. The men returned and told the king. The people of the city having received word of the king’s findings went out and ransacked the camp of Aram- with the result that six quarts of fine flour was sold for only a shekel and half a bushel of barley for a shekel, in keeping with what Yahuah had said to Elisha.

All the while, Elisha had been waiting on the lord to settle the matter according to his Word-Himself not having lifted a finger to help. As foretold, the Fathers Shalom had at last arrived in the most miraculous way! God, Himself had overcome the entire army of Aram. It all happened in this way because Elisha had a double portion of the Spirit that enabled Eliyahu, meaning the Spirit of Yahuah, who is God.

Throughout his life, the Father’s Shalom reigned in the life of Elisha. The oil is multiplied to meet the needs of the poor; a dead son raised to life; the sick and afflicted healed and so on. How majestic He is that He shows His might and showers His Love on us!

Absolute Infinite Perfection unto each of us for the well-being [shalom] of all. It’s not about human performance; It’s about EXPERIENCING HIM IN THE MIDST OF HUMAN DRAMA MOMENT BY MOMENT.

The Sign of King Hezekiah

Years later, Yerushalayim (Jerusalem)  was under siege by the King of Ashur.  The King had already conquered all of Yisrael and Judah.  Yet he does not dare to attack the Holy City of God wherein the Ark of the Covenant resides. King Hezekiah, a righteous follower of God has sinned by taking matters into his own hands by trying to solicit Egypt to help him in the war against Ashur, but Egypt had refused.  Now, having not trusted God to defeat their enemy, he has had to deal with the loss of his portion of the nation.  Taking his last stand, King Hezekiah is ridiculed for his performance by the King of Ashur who mocked him by offering military assistance for him to fight and regain some dignity.  Of course, King Hezekiah refuses and once again returns to God and does what he should have done before—repent and beg God’s mercy for what’s left.

The Sign of Yeshua (Jesus)

Yeshua HaMashiach (the Messiah) the Father’s Shalom, was sent to bring forth an understanding that righteousness cannot be achieved by human performance, but by Trusting in the Father’s being and doing.  Few ever understood the merit of his ministry, but he spent his time here on earth presenting this in everything that was done.  He told them that he was not here to do His own will, but the will of the Father; continuing to say, “I say nothing the Father does not tell me to say, and I do nothing the Father does not show me to do.  It’s not I, but the Father who wills to do His own bidding in Me.” And, “I will not abandon you, for if you abide in Me, and I abide in you, then the works that my Father does, He will do them in you.”

The Sermon on the hills near the shore of lake Kinneret demonstrated to His Disciples this Love of God for us that Paul spoke about in the First Epistle to the Corinthians.  For He took compassion on them for they had been with Him for three days and now they had nothing to eat.  Upon hearing the issue of food for the four thousand attending, the Disciples were spellbound as to what to do.  We have no means to meet this need and so Yeshua asked them if there was any food available. They presented Him with seven loaves of bread and a few fish. He gave blessing over the food and presented the loaves and fish to His disciples with the word to distribute to the crowd.  Somewhat dazed at the apparent situation, they knowing Him, obeyed.  The loaves and fish multiplied and fed the multitudes with food to spare which was gathered and not left to waste.  This was the Power of the Father emanating through Yeshua providing Shalom (well being) for all the people.  Many more acts of the Father’s love were done through Him.  When at last His time had come to be at the Father’s side, he left His Father’s Shalom with His Disciples.

The Sign of Jonah

They had asked Yeshua, the Liberator, for a sign and He gave to them the event of Jonah being three days and nights in the belly of the Great Whale.  Instead of death, Jonah received life.  Instead of loss, he gained, and all in the City of Nineveh prospered from the arrival of the God of Jonah, for he lived out the rest of his life there showing the Shalom of the Father.

The Sign for All Mankind

“Let the light of My Life so shine in you as a testimony of My love to all mankind.”  No greater gift could be given than the laying down of Yeshua’s life, suffering their evil ways, for our liberation in the Shalom of the Father’s Love.

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