God’s Seven Thunders

(Continuous Liberation from Your Burdens and Enemies)

The thunderings of God manifestly express His embodiment as being in, of, and for us. Or, if you will, doing whatever is necessary whenever, however, and unto whomever is to be used to make things happen as they should in the midst of our human affairs.  He does this moment by moment, degree upon degree, giving more and more of His Being unto us which brings forth continuous well-being for all. As co-creators of His will, bearing the fruit of His Being—the Father’s Shalom (peace, rest) is expressed as His true love for all, no matter what their situation.

Many are suffering financial, marital, business, and/or family struggles.  You don’t understand why this is happening or how you’ll ever get past this nightmarish situation.  You feel you are stuck in the grip of Satan’s control over your life.  You have called upon the Lord to lift you out of this trouble but it appears His ears are shut to you and that He doesn’t care.  Take heart!  Your loving Father in Heaven does not sleep! (Psalms 121:4) He is working on your behalf through these “thunderings” in your life.  He is in control, asking that you trust His work in your life, bringing you from glory to glory.  His work is completed in our lives line upon line, precept upon precept.  At times, you may feel you are in the company of your forefather, Job (Iyov).

Job (Iyov, Intimacy with the Divine), when confronted by Satan, cried out to God in his time of trouble… “At this my own heart trembles and leaps out of its place.  Just listen to the rumblings of His voice, to the thunder that comes from his mouth!  He sends it out under all of heaven, his lightning (whatever is necessary to make things happen in the “truth of reality (Italics added)) to the ends of the earth.  There follows a sound, a roar—He is thundering with his majestic voice, and He keeps releasing the lightning even while His voice is being heard.” (Job 37: 1-5) And finally, after all of this befalls Job, he replies to this voice saying, “I heard about you with my ears, but Now my eye sees You (italics added)  ‘therefore I detest myself and repent in dust and ashes, for I sought your face, but never beheld it until now!” (Job 42:5-6) You see, it’s not just being with God in everything we are and do, but also God being with us in everything we are and do.  It takes both, God and us, praise be!

After this, Job prayed for his friends stating “all was well” (as it should be) until you came.  Yahuah (God) restored his fortunes, giving him twice what he had before.  Job (Iyov) had seven sons and three daughters–the first he named Y’mimah; the second, K’tzi`ah; and the third, Keven-Hapukh.  Nowhere in the land could women be found as beautiful as Iyov’s daughters, and their father gave them each an inheritance along with their brothers.   After this, Iyov lived one hundred and forty years, and saw his sons, and his sons’ sons, even to four generations.  So Iyov died, being old and full of days.” (Job 42:12-17)  These seven children of Iyov represent the Seven Thunderings of God in our lives continuing to express His “Divinity Dynamics” in the midst of our human affairs bringing His haShalom (well-being) expressed in His love of all!!!

The Seven Thunders are given unto you so that you become His true love for all, no matter their situation.  Each of these Seven Thunders will be presented in your life in detail at the right time (age), precept upon precept until the work is complete. Descending in past tense, through Yeshua’s last moments upon the Cross, and now it begins, ascending back to the Father–looking forward to the Resurrection of the dead for the Kingdom of Heaven has come unto you.  It is God’s Seven Thunders coming unto us– the dwelling place of God. His dwelling in us and our dwelling in Him (Gan Eden-the Garden of Eden-God’s dwelling place).

These Seven Thunders are evidenced in chart format.  Click here to view the SEVEN THUNDERS CHART.

Scripture Quotes from the Complete Jewish Bible

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